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  1. 10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    1. You have zero social life, being a parent makes it harder to socialize whatever your line of work, but working from home on top of that means you have absolutely zilch chance of making friends! You don't have colleagues to banter with, so no lunch -time pub meals or after-work drinks. You rely solely on social media to make new pals. The only friends you make online are the other lonely people who work for themselves, the other facebook page owners. These fabulous people become your rocks, your greastest supporters, your friends, maybe even a chance at Secret Santa and a 'work-do' during the festive period! My plain jane of a face is yearning for some shimmer dust...give me a chance to sparkle again ;-)

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    2. You have a day at the beach during the Summer, and because you're on your phone networking on social media, you convince yourself that the beach is your office for the day and that you're not skiving.

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    3. Your children play 'work' alongside you "no, I can't do that Mami, I'm working" "no, I can't have food now, I'm doing stuff" echoes of our constant juggling between working, doing stuff and keeping them occupied at the same time. If only you got paid for scribbling on random bits of paper...pretty sure some people get paid gazillions for doing just that!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    4. The only source of entertainment you are allowed to watch is either on cbeebies or netflix kids...and to be honest, after work work work chores more work, the only entertainment your brain can actually handle is cbeebies or netlix kids!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    5. Your routine is set by cbeebies, when the song lunch time, munch time comes on, you know the children need to be fed. When Waffle doggy is on you know it's time to start prepping dinner. When In the Night Garden finishes, you know it's time to get them settled for bed. You are a little bit excited at this point at the prospect of having a couple of hours to yourself...don't get too excited, you are only teasing yourself with something that may not happen, sometimes they just won't settle, and it's painful!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    6. You feel like a tramp rocking up in casual wear to pick the kids up from creche, daycare, playgroup, school etc. You hope people know or realise that you are actually self-employed, you do have a job, but it's not strict on attire because you work from home, you can be comfy. They're lucky we're not still in pyjamas!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    7. You go food shopping in the day to avoid the crowds. You make a point of telling the checkout person that you are self-employed and that you work-from-home, thus needing to go into all the details of what you sell, name of business,twenty questions, and you answer them all because you feel the need to validate why you are food shopping in the daytime!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    8. The house is a mess the majority of the time. People must think because your 'home all day' you should have plenty of time to tidy up. Truth is, we probably have less time than the average parents. We work for ourselves which means our time is money, if we don't spend time on the business, we don't make any money. When children are in the picture, you need to spend time with them too. If you manage to get a little bit of time to yourself, you need to re-charge. Housework is usually at the bottom of the priority list...unless you have visitors, then it's all hands on deck to make it as clean and tidy as possible in the shortest time!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    9. No matter what you do, or what goes on, you have a little voice in your head telling you what to put on your facebook page to report it... it's bound to attract likes and comments, people will love it. But then you come to your senses and think, no-one wants to know about the bin collection waking you up at stupid o'clock, get a life Catrin, you are not a celebrity, no one cares!!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!

    10. When you have a child, they become your world, they drive you up the wall, but they bring so much entertainment into your life. You're constantly recording cute or quirky things that they do or say with absolute intentions to chuck the video on youtube because it's bound to go viral and make you loads of cash! Unfortunately, the whole World have the same thoughts, so everything has been done and seen before, resulting in your 'epic, potentially viral' clip being a total flop!

    10 signs you're a working-from-home parent!


    Can you relate?

    If you have anything to add to this list...bring it on!

    Mrs F


    Yes, we have gone and given it a go! We are now proud new owners of Daffodili Dreams store on Zazzle. We are putting our own designs on amazing products which you can buy directly from Zazzle. So far we have designed teapots, skateboards, wallets, trinket trays, bags, lunch boxes, mobile phone cases, coaster, mugs, nail decals, clocks, ping pong paddles, travel mugs and ties to name but a few! 

    As well as owning Daffodili the website selling baby gifts, we are very creative people and have now opened a new Facebook page called Creating Daffodili Dreams, we are hoping that this page will be the home of our creations, showcasing our Zazzle designs, and whatever else we feel like dipping our toes into in the future! We would love to have more people see our creations, so please pop by and like our page

    Here's a sneaky peak of some of our products, just to give you a sense of what we have created:

    Beautiful Abstract Trees Tie      Elegant Swan Lunch Box      Flying the Welsh Flag Skateboard

    Lonely Tree Cushion      Stylish Abstract Trees Watch      Greek Boats Wallet

    We have so many more beautiful gift ideas on our Zazzle store, great for special events, engagement, Wedding, birthday, stocking fillers for Christmas (if you're super organised!) Fabulous home decor and soft furnishing gifts for those moving into a new home. Whatever the occasion, we've got you covered!

    Hope you enjoy our creations!

    Thank you

    Mrs F

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