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  1. I have been experimenting over the last few months with a new supplier of personalised gifts. I have a facebook group called Daffodili Personalised Gifts as a branch off our main Facebook page Daffodili Gifts. This group has given me an insight as to what people want and has paved the way for me to start adding these personalised gifts to the website. We already have the gorgeous personalised Hidey-boo teddies on the website but these new gifts will include all sorts of gifts including Gifts for Pets, waaa, another category I need to create, very exciting!

    I will start by adding a few things and see how things go, I have access to personalised Christening, Communion, Confirmation and Wedding gifts too so if anyone needs to get in touch with me for some ideas, please do so.

    These new personalised gifts will have a processing time of course so please make sure that you are happy with the lead time noted prior to ordering. I'm sure you can understand that due to the nature of these gifts, being personalised, I will not be able to offer a return service. 

    Having varius suppliers processing and sending our orders does mean that you may receive your goods in seperate packages, hope you don't mind, but it means that I find the absolute best gifts for the shop without sticking to just one supplier. I hope to branch out a lot more over the next few months, I have many plans!!

    Some items will be able to be personalised in Welsh too, this makes me very happy and very excited for the future.

    Hope you are enjoying your Daffodili experience, if there is anything I can help find for you, please do get in touch, I do love a challenge!

    If you can't wait until these gifts are added to the website, please do check out our Facebook page and group if you would like a sneak-preview!

    Thank you

    Mrs F

  2. As a working-from home parent, the holidays can be difficult, juggling work and a child can be a challenge. In order to make it work, I try to find things I can do with the munchkin so that I can spend a few hours with him, making me feel less guilty about letting him entertain himself whilst I work!

    I have made some gorgeous friends over the last few months online and one of them owns and runs Forever Fortis Book-tique, you can find her page on Facebook, she makes book art and also sells craft kits for children. She set up a group to show us how to create a hedgehog out of a book Forever Fortis Hedgehog Craft. Please bear in mind this group is only open for another week, and there is a thread on there to showcase your completed hedgehogs.

    Although our boy is only 3 he was sooo excited to make this hedgehog and asked me every day if we could make it.

    You need a soft-back book around 150-200 pages (a book you no longer need!) there are instructions on the group as well as video demonstrations, we followed the videos, visual instructions work better for me personally and my guess is most children would feel the same. You also need googley eyes to decorate and whatever else your child fancies doing.

    He was very enthusiastic and tried to help as much as he could, I'm sure older children would be much more hands on and enjoy the folding part, our boy isn't quite old enough to understand the precision of the folds yet, but he helped press the fold down. He also decorated it.

    Here are a few pictures that show our hedgehog journey, our boy decided that ours should be called Freddie!

    Freddie the Book Hedgehog   Freddie the Book Hedgehog   Freddie the Book Hedgehog
    Freddie the Book Hedgehog  Freddie the Book Hedgehog   Freddie the Book Hedgehog  Freddie the Book Hedgehog  Freddie the Book Hedgehog  Freddie the Book Hedgehog
    Freddie the Book Hedgehog   Freddie the Book Hedgehog   Freddie the Book Hedgehog
    Freddie the Book Hedgehog  Freddie the Book Hedgehog   Freddie the Book Hedgehog

    Isn't Freddie pretty?! So what are you waiting for? The weather is pretty miserable, I'm sure the children are itching for something crafty to do, this is simple but very effective! A good thing to do as a family, all together, or if older this could occupy them for a few hours!!

    If you have any crafty ideas to keep children entertained on rainy days and would like to feature it in our blog please send them my way.

    Mrs F