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Working from home with a TODDLER!

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When we first started our self-employed venture, it was so that we could one day be able to raise our future children ourselves without the need for extra childcare whilst we were at work. Since our son was born nearly 2 and a half years ago, we have started to live this 'dream' if that's what you can call it! When he was first born it was really hard, the business basically came to a standstill, but when he was a few months old, I found I was able to juggle being a Mother and working from home. He then started to crawl, and walk, and this is when it became a struggle again and there was no chance of me getting much work done. The laptop was like a magnet to him, I've lost my delete and 'c' buttons on my keyboard and the 'n' is a little bit dodgy now thanks to his little fingers! 

Working from home with a toddler

So I am now facing working from home with a toddler, and this is a whole new challenge. Truth is, he loves our company and wants our attention all the time. To combat this, this week I have let him play with play dough, resulting in me spending a lot of precious time picking it up off the floor. He's had to odd film on which only keeps him occupied for a small amount of time. I have to admit that Peppa Pig has been allowed back into our lives, as she is the only thing that keeps him still and quiet long enough for me to get some work done. 
I took him to soft play for a few hours yesterday so that he could spend time with other children and run off some of his crazy energy, and we went on the big slide which was a first for both of us! Stickers have become a massive thing in our house and I am finding them everywhere. Colouring books and crayons, he loves them, but I might as well just give him plain paper because all he does is scribble, Today we are camping indoors because it's raining and miserable, and he hasn't had his tent up for about a year so it is a major novelty right now. 

Working from home with a toddler

I even sorted out his toys the other day so he can now play with whatever he wants rather than have to trawl to find everything in one toybox. He has his Playmobil which he loves already and I'm sure will become a more prominent part of his play time. He loves his jigsaws, bricks and blocks. He has so many books he could open up his own little library. He does have quite a lot of different things to keep him occupied, but we do try to spend as much time with him as possible. Even whilst I edited stock pictures yesterday, I put his favourite nursery rhymes on youtube and we sang along whilst he sat on my lap and he was fascinated by my editing. I do believe that this is my best version of myself, a Mama working at home with her boy on her lap! 

Working from home with a toddler

The main thing is he is having a lot of fun, and we are having a lot of fun with him. We are there for every develpment, there for every phase, he is an extremely happy boy and is really starting to show his loving side as we are getting a lot of hugs and kisses from him these days. Here's to many more years of working and parenting in unison!

How do you get your children to sit still long enough to get stuff done? I would welcome more creative ideas so I can include them into our hectic yet happy little lives :-D

Thank you, Mrs F


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