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10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

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1. You know the songs from Peppa Pig off by heart, you can't even recycle anything without busrting out in song "Recycle, recycle, we're going to recycle, tin cans..." and so forth! This is slowly driving me insane! 

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

2. I answered the door one day and I had stickers all over me. I went to soft play with the munchkin last week, came home and found I had stickers on me. You find stickers EVERYWHERE!

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

3. The toys you so smuggly sorted out into different sections in his bedroom last week are now back in one big pile downstairs in the living room. This is an ongoing cycle, toys go up, get sorted, toys come down, get unsorted!

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

4. They freak out when it's bath time, takes forever to get them in, and then takes forever to get them out. 

5. They're obsessed with bubbles, I can't wash up anymore without having to fill up 3 or 4 of his little bowls with bubbles. I found him trying to drink the bubbles with a straw the other day, bleurgh!

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

6. They take about 5 hours to eat their lunch. If you dare take the plate away, they're suddenly so hungry and demand the plate returned.

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

7. Most days, the nappy change is still a challenge as there are much important things to do than have their nappy changed so you think of ways to get the job done. At one point the only thing that worked was telling him his little baby cousin was coming over to use the changing mat. At the moment, we have to ask him if he wants to change his nappy or have a shower. This system is still working for us!

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

8. They love playing with rubbish. Our son had a complete meltdown one day because we put an empty pot in the bin, he actually went into the bin and got it out, I then had to clean it so that he could play with it. Forget toys this Christmas, I'm just going to let him go crazy with the recycling ;-)

9. Food talks! In trying to get him to eat his toast one morning, I made voices up for each piece saying 'please eat me'. He makes his food talk himself now.

10. Doing a food shop is a nightmare because he doesn't want to sit in the trolly like a normal child, he doesn't even want to sit in the actual trolly either, he wants to stand up and pretend he's driving the thing. There's a sign on every trolly showing they aren't allowed to do this, you show it to them but they are completely clueless, so you have to tell them they need to sit down and look after the food. Anything that works eh!

10 signs you're living with a TODDLER!

Are any of these true about your toddler? What else could be added here? I'm sure there are many more!!

Mrs F

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