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Welsh vibe / language crafters, makers, artists wanted!!!

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Are you a crafter, an artist, a candlestick maker? Are you a creator of some kind? A seller of goods that you can get, but I can't? A special kind of photographer? 

I'm looking for partners to help me fill a new section of the website dedicated to Welsh vibe and language gifts. I have experimented with a new group as a branch off my facebook page @Daffodili Gifts, and there was a bit of a buzz around it when I first created it, so I know that the demand is there.

Whether it be celtic wooden picture frames, landscape photography of Daffs blowing in the wind above the Welsh coast, aprons or ties made from fabric with Welsh music on them; I don't know, I have so many ideas in my head and I would love to find skilled partners to help me. I would prefer quirky over generic, to tie in with the rest of our gifts!

My idea is this:
I add your Welsh products to our Daffodili website, I promote, I sell, I handle the payment and customer service side of things. I pass the order on to you and you post safely in a timely manner according to the timescales we agree before-hand needed for you to complete the task in hand. I would of course like to discuss a commission for my part in this, but the bulk of the payment would go to you and whatever is needed to cover postage cost. I would also like to do an interview profile of you and your work for the blog just for some extra exposure.

It doesn't have to be many items, even if it's just one or two, or ten, a variety of gifts always works better on a gift shop so no pressure for you to build a massive inventory of Welsh vibe / language gifts don't worry!

This would suit someone who wants to dabble in selling their creations, but not sure where to start or would like to see how it goes with creations added to a proper website. I don't mind this being an experiment for you, it's an experiment for me! As long as there's no order pending, there'll be no contract, so the partnership can end at any time. But surely this is worth a go?? 

Get in touch if you're interested [email protected]

Thank you
Mrs F

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