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We do sell New Baby Gifts!

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Some of you may know that Daffodili's business used to be baby gifts, for many many years, it was always baby gifts and we loved it. But as with every business, we needed to adapt, and give new types of gifts a go. When I found my quirky gifts supplier, I intented to cater for children, but then I saw the novelty toilet brushes and the beautiful dragon ashcatcher, and the awesome funky shaped handle mugs and I just had to branch out to adults too. We never forgot about our baby gifts though. Mr F carried on selling them on our Amazon shop, also called Daffodili, so we still sell our snug baby blankets, cute baby towels, special shawls (fab as Christening gifts) and some adorable baby clothes too.

Click on this link if you'd like to browse our baby gifts: Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon

Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon

Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon

Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon Daffodili Baby Gifts Shop on Amazon

I am slowly adding more baby gifts to the shop that can be personalised in either English or Welsh, so keep your eyes peeled. But in the meantime, please do check out our Amazon shop, you might just find that perfect gift! 

Daffodili Baby Gifts Amazon Baby Gifts

I asked on my Facebook page for quotes about the best gift you have given or received and the wonderful Sonya from The Stag & The Unicorn replied with the most precious of responses "The best gift I ever gave to someone who had a new baby was love and support". This is hands down the best gift anyone can give, and the best gift you can receive.

When our nearly 4-year old was born, we were blown away by the most fabulous gifts. Our lovely friends actually prepared a meal for us, a tub full of chilli con carne cooked from scratch and a couple of pouches of microwave rice...we were living on something silly like one sandwich a day in those first couple of months, especially as Eifion had undiagnosed silent reflux (exhausting!) so we really appreciated having a proper meal.

My sister-in-law gave us a hamper full of snacks and some little bottles of wine and beers, and even added in a couple of plastic wine glasses, so practical with little ones around! We absolutely valued the personalised gifts he had, it was so magical to see his name on things, made it all very real. My Auntie and Uncle gave us a pack of nappies, which was an awesome gift!! My sisters gave me a special ring with Eifion's birth stone on it, I value it just as much as my engagement and wedding rings.

My Mother is a very good knitter and she knitted him a gorgeous green blanket, this was his indoors blanket. We had a stripey, funky blanket from my in-laws neighbours, and this became his outdoors blanket! We were given so much more than we could have ever imagined, way too many to list! But they are all still so special to us, and we love that we still play a part in someone's gift to a new baby, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy! 

I once wrote a poem to one of my best friend's new baby as if it were from our son, I enjoyed giving that, a truly unique gift. But I do enjoy giving baby blankets as gifts, they are always so handy, and I love seeing the babies out and about in their prams with one of our blankets keeping them nice and warm!

What was the best gift you were given when you had a baby? And what do you feel is the best gift you have given? 

Thank you
Mrs F


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