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Daffodili clothes in all their glory! Thank you girls :-)

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Here are pictures of Daffodili clothing in all their glory – and this is what it’s all about, this is what pushes us daily to create something special with our little shop

Magw wearing her new blue floral dress from Daffodili  Jano wearing her new pink dungarees from Daffodili

Click on the pictures to find these items in the shop!

As a rule, we only choose clothes we would be happy to buy as gifts for our family and friends’ children – or what we would choose for our own children in the future. We take extreme care when choosing items for the shop – to give you an indication, think about how long you take to choose one present, well, this is how much time we spend choosing each and every piece on the website!

Therefore, when we receive pictures from customers like these pretty girls in their new Daffodili clothes, we can’t help but feel an immense amount of pride in our choices, and to see the dress and dungarees that we chose coming to life like this, it’s an amazing feeling.

This is the reward that maintains our interest in the shop. If we didn’t take so much time to decide which items to go for, I’m very doubtful that seeing customers enjoying their purchases would pull on our heart strings in such a way. But seeing Magw in her blue floral dress and Jano in her little pink dungarees puts a very big smile on our faces.

I’m not one to boast that I’m an amazing photographer, I’m far from it, but I try my best to ensure that you get a clear image of the items so that you can choose wisely before you buy. Saying that, I’m absolutely positive that the pictures of Magw in her dress and Jano in her dungarees gives you a much better indication of how they look in reality.

We are so grateful for the pictures of the girls, their smiley faces as they wear their new Daffodili clothes are more than enough to maintain our passion in this market.

If we receive enough pictures of your children wearing Daffodili clothes, shoes, jewellery or bags, or playing with a teddy or ragdoll from our shop, it would be great if you could send them to us, ideally, we would love to create a Gallery on the website so that you as our valuable customers can see Daffodili items in all their glory!

Please send your photos to [email protected]

Thank you - Catrin

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