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Daffodili hitting the hot pages of The Independent!

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At last Daffodili has made the headlines...well, ok, a sneaky little link in a case study about setting up a business, but hey it’s a start! We even got our picture published too -there was no way we were going to let the Bunny and the Lion take centre stage on this one ;-)

Catrin and Paul Owners of Daffodili Online Gifts Shop

Everyone likes to see their name in the paper (even if it is online!), their face on tv, their voice on the we’re quite pumped about our subtle link-drop in The Independent this weekend!

We were just one of the case studies backing up Rob Griffin’s article ‘It’s a good time to get to grips with a business idea’ it’s worth reading, not just because Paul and I are named in it, but who knows, it might stir up some entrepreneurial feelings hidden deep inside you just waiting for that flash of inspiration!

Thank you - Catrin

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  1. Meleri Sion

    wahoo da iawn! Erthygl yn gret :) xxx

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