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Lovely little Lyla – the Star of Daffodili

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If the warm UK sunshine isn’t enough to put a smile on your faces, have a look at Daffodili’s newest little star, isn’t she a cutie?! Here are oh so cute pictures of a little princess called Lyla wearing her new summer outfits, lovingly given to her for her birthday by her lovely Nanny.

This is such a gorgeous picture of little Lyla in her new Zip Zap summer yellow floral top and pink leggings, she really is the perfect little model for this pretty set.

Lovely little Lyla in her new Zip Zap top and leggings outfit

And here’s a photo of Lyla looking the perfect picture of summer in her new lovely red Isabelle Rose floral dress, bloomers and headband. She is one classy lady in this outfit.

 Lovely little Lyla in her new Isabelle Rose dress, bloomers and headband outfit

Thank you Lyla for making your new Daffodili clothes look even prettier, and for showing how sweet Daffodili baby girls clothes can look.

We just love getting photos of the cute little tots in their new Daffodili clothes, so please keep them coming in. Whether it be your daughter, son, niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson or a friend’s child, we would love to see the clothes from the shop as they should be, and we can make your gift-recipient the star of Daffodili just like Lyla, so please email pictures of your Daffodili kids to when we have enough pictures, we can start a gallery of Daffodili clothes how they should be, worn by little beauties, girls and boys!

Thank you - Catrin

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  1. Elaine Russell

    Both outfits fit beatifully and wash beautifully with no fading of colours or changing shape of material. Good value, great clothes.

    Posted on

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