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Fancy Wiping out Waste?

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Just by donating your old wet wipe packets, you could help raise money for Ellie's Fund, to help families of children with brain tumours and other cancers, and to raise brain tumour awareness.

Our little baby boy, Gethin, has just turned 7 months old. It's amazing how time flies and how much he's changing every day. 

Gethin Elgan Skyrme helping Ellie's Fund to Wipe out Waste!

 I didn't realise how much nappies and wipes I'd go through with a newborn. Our cuddly monster is a messy eater and has had bad reflux since he was 6 weeks old so we go through a lot of bibs and wipes! 

I came across the charity Ellie's Fund through a friend on Facebook and thought it was perfect for us as we were wasting so many packets of empty wipes plus we would be donating to an amazing cause!!

Poster for Ellie's Fund Wiping out Waste

 I have been collecting for the past few months now and I am up to about 70 packets. Big thank you to my friends and family who have been collecting aswell.

Baby wipe packet collection.

Here's how it works:

1) Collect your empty baby wipe packets (any brand) and wrap them in a thick plastic bag or box. Fewer, bigger parcels are better, so if you and friends or your nursery are collecting please think about how you can send one parcel between you.

2) When you have a parcel ready e-mail [email protected] and they will email you a freepost postage label. (Ellie's Fund is a small charity, this will save them postage costs.) Drop the parcel at your local post office as soon as possible; the labels are tracked and the charity is only able to download more as they are received back at the depot. If you are in Scarborough they will collect full boxes from you - just email when you are ready.

3) Each postage label can only be used once so e-mail again if you require more!

The packets go directly to a recycling centre who credit Ellie's Fund with the money. The packets are made into other items such as plastic bibs, dustbins and watering cans.


'Ellie's Fund' was set up after the death of 14 year old Ellie Othick-Bowmaker.

During the 3 years that she fought her own 2 brain tumours, Ellie helped to raise over £25000. She inspired many people to join in.

Ellie's legacy is the money that is being used to help others.

They provide practical assistance to families who live in Yorkshire and who have a child going through treatment for a brain tumour. They also support families within the Borough of Scarborough (UK) who have a child with any form of cancer.

They raise awareness about brain tumours and support established research projects.

There are 16 000 new cases of brain tumours each year
33% more patients died in 2007 than in 2001
More children in the UK die from a brain tumour than any other cancer; including leukaemia

So please, have a look at the site, read Ellie's inspiring story, and be inspired - to do your own sponsored event - or to donate.

Thanks for reading
Nia Wyn Skyrme

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