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Tenby - a taste of paradise in West Wales!

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We love Tenby

There is one place in the world that always seems to make us smile, and that place is Tenby, a gorgeous seaside town in West Wales. Being self-employed, we don’t get many chances to get away, time is money and all that...but if we do get a chance to have some time out, it’s got to be Tenby every time! 

The best thing about Tenby is that we can get down there and back in one day, but if you want a place to park in the multi-storey car park (only £1.80 for the whole day – bargain!), you do need to get there early. It is a very serene place to stay too, and with so many hotels to choose from, some right on the sea-front with stunning views, you might as well make a weekend of it! In fact, it was on a relaxing break to Tenby we decided that our lives would be so much better if we didn’t have to go in to work every day, and that we would prefer a more peaceful existence away from the rat-race! That’s when we decided we should just go for it with our business venture and set up our own online business. 

Tenby hotels right on the sea-front    Tenby hotels right on the sea-front

On Saturday, 28 July 2012 (a day before my birthday!) we wanted to get away for the day, make the most of the sunshine and have a pre-birthday day out. We, of course, went to Tenby. We got there at 10 o clock in the morning, and headed straight for the cafe that’s built into the cliff. We wanted to take in the sea-view as we ate our breakfast, and it did not disappoint, the view was absolutely spectacular, and we were over the moon to find a table right next to the window. Now who wouldn’t want to eat their brekkie looking out to this? 

 Our view from the cafe in Tenby as we ate breakfast

After a rather large plate of food, we went to have a sit down in one of favourite spots, it’s over-looking the middle beach (yes, it has more than one beach – such an amazing place!) it’s just a lovely little seating area and the view just takes your breath away.

 Gorgeous view of the sea at Tenby

Even the wildlife seem to get on there!

 Even the birds enjoy the serenity of Tenby

Needing to feel some sand between our toes, we went to South Beach, it’s the largest of the beaches and a favourite with tourists and families. It’s clean, it has lifeguards watching out and you really have to remind yourselves that you’re in Wales and not on a Mediterranean beach, it’s beautiful. It seems a safe place to take your children, there were smiles around us as girls and boys ran around playing in the sand and the sea, and families obviously enjoying some quality family time – making the most of the sunshine and the school summer holidays!

The stunning South Beach at Tenby   Beautiful South Beach in Tenby, safe and clean for family days out 

By late afternoon, it becomes a little quieter but it is still buzzing with life and laughter. Sat in the centre of the middle beach, we were just mesmerized by the serenity of the sea, and we sat there for hours just enjoying the gorgeous scenery and just taking it all in.

 The serenity of Tenby - gorgeous beaches and scenery

If we could, we would move there, but we would have to sell a lot of clothes and toys to be able to afford it! If we didn’t dream then there would be nothing to drive us forward, so thank you Tenby for helping us and inspiring us to go for it and create Daffodili!

If you haven’t been to Tenby yet, then I urge you to give it a go, there are plenty of hotels, holiday cottages and B&Bs there, as well as a few caravan parks and camp sites dotted around. If you have been to Tenby, then you’ll already know that it is a magical and happy place.

Please comment away with your experiences of Tenby, we love it, and I am yet to meet a person that doesn’t! Also, if you have a business in Tenby, feel free to say hello, tell us what your business is and where you are – if you have any deals or offers, please let us know! Next time we’re in Tenby, we might come and see you, and do a follow-up blog post.

If you have a favourite place in the UK that’s great for families, why not write a little something for the blog, please email [email protected] – we would be more than happy to share the love! 

Thank you - Catrin


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