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Is your child a little star?

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Is your child a little star?

Being a baby and children clothes and gifts shop, it’s all about the kids here at Daffodili. That’s why we would love to build a page on Daffodili where they can be the stars they want to be! Whether it be pictures of the squidgers wearing their new clothing or playing with a new toy from Daffodili, please feel free to send them in to [email protected] they would make great building blocks to what we wish to create in our gallery of Daffodili Stars.

We would also like to showcase their talents, so if your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc would like to draw or write about our mascots Daffo the Lion (a little boy) and /or Dili the Bunny (a little girl), please send in their artwork, poetry, stories - anything to do with our furry little friends, we would be honoured to share them on our Daffodili Stars page. If they want their name and picture next to their creation, that’s fine by us!

All you need to do is scan and send to [email protected] If you need any further information, please email us, we don’t bite, we are friendly, and we are always happy to help.

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