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  1. Does your taste in baby and children clothes reflect what you used to wear as a little one?

    When we look for new clothes to add to our lovely selection of special outfits, dresses, tops etc on Daffodili, we look for what we like, what we would dress our children in. As you may have gathered, we love corduroy, we love dungarees and we love classic styles with funky bright colours. 

    It is true, however, having spent so long looking at baby and children clothes to lovingly sell that I see clothes now wherever I go –in my head the cute little munchkins are purely providing me with a fashion show of the type of clothing we should stock! I went to see my friends’ new baby girl a few weeks ago and beautiful little Ellie was wearing a gorgeous brown floral corduroy pinafore – we immediately tried to find one similar for the shop, and this is what we found:

    Gorgeous Brown and Pink Corduroy Dress - Baby Girls 


    The other day, my wonderful Mother gave me a photo album - she had collated a lot of my photographs together to make one album all about me! She had also done this for each of my three sisters. Going through the pictures, I kept saying ‘I like that cardigan’ ‘I like that dress’ etc and it dawned on me, that maybe my taste in clothing for bambinos had been decided for me at a young age (maybe not exactly as I wouldn’t want the shop to be too 80s retro ;-)! )

    Catrin (me) as a little baby in a cute sailor-style dress   Cute little sailor-style dress, bloomers and headband - Baby Girls

    Me as a little tot wearing a cute checked dress    Beautiful little pink checked dress - Baby Girls

    Me as a little one wearing dungarees   Funky Cord Dungarees Outfit - Baby Girls


    Do you dress your children in similar clothes to what you wore?  Or do you go for completely opposite type of styles to what you were made to wear? We’d love to get some pictures of you then and your child now to do a follow-up blog post, so please send in your photos to [email protected] It’s just a little test to see if my theory is correct!


    Thank you - Catrin