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  1. So today I excelled myself with my creativity in getting our toddler to change from his pyjamas into his clothes ready for playgroup. He was wearing his 'Mr Fox' pyjamas and had a total meltdown because he wanted to wear Mr Fox to playgroup. Having taken his pjs off before he woke up too much, I'd managed to get his trousers and socks on, but he just would not let me put a fresh top on. Now, it was as if a lightbulb flashed above my head...I had an idea. A shot in the dark but an idea nonetheless. Our boy has been obsessed with We're going on a Bear Hunt for the past week, so I started quoting the story to the best of my memory, "we can't go under it" (put the top above his head), "we can't go over it" (waved the top under his chin) "we have to go through it", and showed him the hole to which his head would go through...low and behold this worked and he said "we have to go through it" as he popped his head through with ease. Phew! Let's see how long this novelty will last with him!

    I try to let him choose what we wants to wear, within reason. This is ok if you have time, I am always hopeful that by showing him some independence in choosing his clothes, he might want to take advantage of that independence and try putting his own clothes on.

    Sometimes I have to tell him I don't want to put clothes on him anyway and the reverse psychology seems to work because all of a sudden he's distraught that I don't want to be his maid and begs me to clothe him.

    On Christmas night, after a long and draining time trying to get him to change for bed, my sister managed to get him into his new stripey pjs by showing him that the pirate in the book she'd bought him was wearing stripey pjs too.

    Very often, we get ourselves ready and say "ok bye, we're going without you" this works more often than not, and is usually a last resort if he's very stubborn.

    I'm sure over the next year I'll be adding more to this list, but if you have any top tips that I can add, please feel free to add them here. I need all the help I can get, I must keep one step ahead of our gorgeous but strong-minded little munchkin!

    Since writing this, the We're Going on a Bear Hunt still seems to be working. His arms have been dinosaurs which have helped get tops on. We've managed to get a top with a toolbox on by saying he will look like Daddy when he has his tools. Still having to think creatively!