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  1. In two months time our little baby will be 3, an independent, very busy grown-up boy. But, our bright little boy still insists on wearing nappies. 

    Potty Training a Toddler

    Last June, he was getting on really well with potty training, all his own doing, we just provided him with a potty. We were so smug, thinking we'd be coming back from our 2-week holiday in Corfu with a potty-trained toddler. Yeah, well that didn't happen.

    Potty Training a Toddler

    We came back from holiday needing another one on our own, but that's another story for another time ;-)  

    The problem was, we couldn't find a potty anywhere, but low and behold on our last day, we did, which was obviously too late. So we came back with a toddler who had completely regressed in his potty habits. 

    Not wanting to pressurize him, we carried on going with the flow, letting him decide, and thought we'd give him until the end of the year and see what happens. But he did not go anywhere near the potty again, and I can't help feeling that we missed out on a crucial window of opportunity last June,
    but hey ho.

    Potty Training a Toddler

    So here we are again, but this time we have the help of the wonderful ladies who look after him in the creche, they are really supportive and are working with us to get our little boy back on track. 

    We originally wanted to try to train him without using sweet rewards, but having tried the 'potty chart of success' and a long-term reward of a trip to the beach and having an ice-cream, with zero interest met, we needed to take it up a gear. I packed his bag with big boy pants and he did use the potty for a chocolate coin in creche. 

    This felt like a big breakthrough, so I kept this going at home and he would pee in the potty for a chocolate button. However, after a week or so of things going quite well...not quite potty trained but getting better, we were suddenly met with a complete standstill in regards to the potty. He wouldn't go near it, wanting to wear nappies. 

    I have tried putting his potty behind the sofa just incase it's a privacy thing, doesn't make a difference. I tried telling him the potty was a marshmallow mountain that was on fire and only his pee would save it...nothing, not bothered! We've tried the potty 'train' a few times, and it's a pointless but fun excersize every time.

    Potty Training a Toddler  Potty Training a Toddler

    On Monday he came home in a nappy from the creche, he had gone through about four pairs of pants and trousers...and his shoes and socks! 

    They told me he was keeping it in, not going to the potty but then a few seconds later it would all come out like a flood all over the floor...poor people, I felt so bad! 

    Last night he came home without having any accidents, but went through four pairs of pants within half an hour of being home, and the last one, whilst drying him, he was peeing in my hands, my husband got the potty but he was freaking out didn't want the potty, so he was back in a nappy after that.

    Today they had another breakthrough with him in creche. Apparently he was dancing around needing to pee so badly but he still wouldn't go, so after much ado, they ended up giving all the other children sweets and told him he needs to pee in the potty if he wants his...hallelujah, this trick worked, and he did it. 

    I have no idea what the rest of this week will bring, he's having a nap now so we'll see how our 'training' goes when he wakes up. 

    Our boy is a stubborn, strong-willed little man, he will crack this when he's ready, but hopefully we are helping him along. It would be fantastic if he was out of nappies but the time he's 3 but I'm just really hopeful he's out of them by the time he starts Nursery in September, so we've given him and ourselves a bit  of time to get this sorted.

    What were your tricks? How long did it take? Did you have a stubborn child like ours? How did you feel mentally at the end of it?!!  We are more than happy to receive tips, advice, anything that will help. Please feel free to send us your challengind potty training stories and successes, we need all the motivation we can get! 

    Thank you, Mrs F xx

    N.B I am glad to say that our boy has completely cracked this potty training and just 10 days after posting this blog, he is now going to the potty without any incentives. Such a proud Mama :-D